A new look at the Zune Desktop

Hey everyone, I had an idea and I thought I would share it.

Why in the Zune desktop software are the albums not treated more like live tiles? When an album is playing, the tile could flip to display some info about the artist and such, and become much less of a static grid of covers if you had each of them do something every once in a while.

Another concept that just popped in my head... Why doesn't the marketplace give you an alert when one of the artists in your collection releases a new album? I don't spend any time looking at music news, so sometimes I end up finding albums that I hadn't noticed before that had been released months ago. I think that would be a killer feature, especially with the unlimited downloads you get. That would be a compelling feature for me. This could also be expended to windows phone by adding an alert to the zune tile, which at this point is essentially static. It would be nice to know when there's new music out there to be found from artists I already like, especially for the smaller collection on my phone, which is what I really listen to most of the time anyway.

What's everyone think?