Some Thoughts on the Backlash of Josh's Lumia 900 Review.


If you read the comments on Josh's review, or just follow him on Twitter, you probably know that this Lumia 900 review has gotten quite a lot of backlash.

To summarize: People are upset mainly because Josh gave software a low score, and seemed to brush over the good parts of the software.

My question to those of you who have attacked Josh: Why do you think Windows Phone is so good?

Hear me out: It looks great. It's very smooth. The integration with social networks, and overall usability is better than Android and iOS. But it is as if you guys brush over the awful ecosystem. I have never owned I Windows Phone device, but from the multiple reviews and first hand accounts I've heard about Windows Phone, the app selection isn't really up to par with Android & iOS. When I was at Best Buy and used a Focus S. The first place i went was the app market to see exactly what the apps were like on the platform. Nothing there was really that great, to be honest.

People have also been saying that Josh is a "fanboy."

Let us analyze this term.

After visiting many popular technology websites for a very long time, I believe I can now properly define the word, "fanboy."

Fanboy: n. A derogatory term describing person who owns a phone made by a company. Specifically a company that the person calling another person a fanboy does not like.

If a commenter calls 100 people fanboys, probably 5 of those people are actually fanboys.

a fanboy can also be a person that expresses an opinion on a piece of technology. If you don't want any tech journalists to be fanboys, to completely avoid such a tragedy, let's just make it so they don't express any opinion whatsoever. Have fun reading a review of a product that only gives you the specs. Half the point of reading a phone review is finding out what a tech reviewer thinks of the product.

For example, Josh is usually pretty nit-picky and smug. It is interesting to see what people with various personalities think of the phone. It's not as if everyone who reads the review is going out to buy the phone.

While I do think Josh completely brushed over the strengths of Windows Phone, I don't think he deserves to be called a fanboy for expressing his opinion.