According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, 25 percent of all "households" worldwide now have Wi-Fi networks set up. In terms of adoption, South Korea tops the list of the 17 countries the firm researched, at 80.3 percent — followed by the UK, Germany, France, and Japan. The US comes in at 61 percent, while India is at the bottom with only 2.5 percent. In terms of raw numbers, however, no country has more Wi-Fi routers in homes than China and Strategy Analytics says the country will be the main driver for adoption for the foreseeable future.

The firm predicts that by 2016 worldwide household adoption of Wi-Fi will reach 42 percent, so wireless networking has a long way to go before it's ubiquitous in homes — to say nothing of cities. In other words, you're probably going to keep needing to pay that cell phone bill for quite awhile.