Can I just say something...?

I started listening to Josh, Nilay, and Paul way back in the This Is My Next Podcast days, and I was hooked pretty much from the start. You guys have always been smart, witty, and the news is always interesting and well-covered. I used to be a pretty devoted Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Engadget reader (I know, I know!), but The Verge is now the only site I check for tech news, and I check it often. Every story is interesting, well-written, informative, and the grammar and spelling are always top notch - something you don't always see on other blogs.

Now before I get to my next point, just so I can't be accused of (gasp!) bias, I'm a pretty eclectic tech user. I've owned a whole bunch of iPhones, a couple of iPods, a couple more Palm Pilots, an iPad 2, a Palm Pre, a Dell Axim, several Windows laptops and desktops, a Kindle Fire, and a Mac Mini. I like Apple products because they tend to be well-designed, but I use an HP Envy by choice instead of a MacBook, and I am thinking about getting a Lumia or Windows Phone of some kind. I've tried pretty much everything out there, and believe me, I understand how easy it is to get attached to a company and their products.

But all these complaints about The Verge staff being biased are not only unfounded; they're just plain rude, bordering on offensive. When someone shares an opinion you don't agree with, your first reaction shouldn't be to accuse them of bias or violating their journalistic ethics. Counterarguments are a fine and necessary part of reasonable discourse, but the attacks I've seen on these forums over the past day or two are something else entirely.

So let me just close by saying that I love The Verge, I love everything you guys do, and it's a privilege for all of us to be here on this incredible site.