The team behind the popular Android ROM CyanogenMod has unveiled a new mascot, reflecting the ROM's growth from a small enthusiast project to an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) behemoth with over a million downloads. The new mascot is called Cid (short for Cyanogen ID), and it represents "each user’s unique place in [the] community." Those of you following the development of CyanogenMod 9, which is based on the Android 4.0 firmware, will know that the team is doing things a little differently this time round.

"This new mascot will be unique for CyanogenMod and provide an identity and attitude by which the project can continue to develop a mature Android OS."

As opposed to using the third-party ADW Launcher, it's developing its own Trebuchet launcher, as well as a Music application unique to the ROM. There is also talk of plans for a Cydia-style Cyanogen app store, which rather than competing with Google Play will offer apps that are either banned or unsuitable for the official store. These small changes, when combined together with a thoroughly un-Google-like mascot, indicate a change in focus for the project. CyanogenMod doesn't want to be seen as a custom ROM team, but rather, a group of developers working on a fully-fledged mobile OS.