It looks like Apple is investigating reports of Wi-Fi issues with the new iPad, according to a leaked internal AppleCare document acquired by 9to5Mac. The document instructs US retail stores and contact centers to "capture" any third-generation iPad exhibiting intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds or issues with seeing Wi-Fi networks. Of course, users bringing in affected iPads will have theirs replaced — but Apple has instructed representatives to replace any iPad with Wi-Fi troubles, even if there are evidence of physical abuse. Also of note is the fact that Apple's only investigating issues with Wi-Fi only tablets; it seems that it believes the Wi-FI + LTE models are functioning properly. While Apple hasn't publicly admitted that some new iPads have Wi-Fi issues, this is some pretty strong evidence that it believes there's a problem worth investigating, assuming this document is legit.

Update: We've learned that AppleCare "captures" of new products isn't necessarily an uncommon practice — the company often does early field failure analysis on new products, without it meaning that there's a serious flaw with said product. So while it's possible that Apple is looking into Wi-Fi failures on the new iPad, this could just be a routine check-up on a new product.