Prepare yourself for perhaps the greatest single press release ever unleashed onto the tech industry. "Self-proclaimed" Dr. Nono C. Pearson, a country-style rap innovator who reputedly has "the copyrights to prove that he is the owner of what he calls 'Corporate Hip Hop,'" is approaching RIM with a proposal to buy out its "Black Berry" assets. This is to be done by an all-stock acquisition following the upcoming IPO of his not-yet-public company called United Vision Marketing Firm.

That's right, a dude with more chutzpah than sense or money has published a press release announcing his intent to take over the entire BlackBerry business. The thing is, while we may find this amusing now — and it really is quite a hilarious piece of promotional writing — it's a little worrying that the same company has been able to get similarly fanciful PR published by the likes of MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal, both of whom syndicate PR wire services.

Then again, RIM's stock price has been falling lately — maybe this ain't crazy after all.