Need Verizon phone vs. iPhone

My dad called me up the other day to ask about getting a new phone, he's used a blackberry for probably the last 5 years.

For Christmas I got him a B&N Nook tablet which he loves for reading, listening to music and news reading. So he has some android experience.

  1. I use and love android but am leaning towards telling him to get an iphone, even though I don't know much about them. My dad lives out of state so it would be hard for me to trouble shoot any problems he's having. I figure I can tell him to hit the apple store for support.
  2. The Iphone seems to be easier to use for most people new to smartphones.
Maybe Android is the way to go as I can help him over the phone and he has some experience with it via his tablet.
my thoughts are either the iPhone 4S or the Droid Razor Maxx.

any input or is appreciated!