Since Spotify launched in the US nine months ago, the service has amassed three million users, which brings the grand total amount of users globally to ten million. The New York Post is reporting that Spotify has only converted 20 percent of its US users to its $10/month Premium model, whereas 30 percent of Spotify users globally are on the Premium model. This 10 percent differential is a pretty wide gap, considering the US comprises 30 percent of Spotify's global user base. The Post's sources consider Spotify's US performance to be "less than rocking," yet Spotify told us last week that it wasn't expecting to convert as many users here in the States to Premium — simply because Americans aren't as accustomed to purchasing digital subscriptions services. At the same time, perhaps a low Premium conversion rate is the reason Spotify has extended its "free listening honeymoon" in the States to an unspecified date.