What woud you score the Lumia 900?

Everyones panties are up in a bunch about the score Josh gave the Lumia 900.

I personally think its a fair score. I mean 7 is not bad at all. Its not like he said the phone was 4 or 5.

I think the glaringly issues are with a weak ecosystem and internal hardware that wont hold up very deep into the future. The screen was acceptable and would have been downright stunning 2 years ago. However its 2 years too late. And while its not Nokia's fault they have to use old Snapdragon CPU's and Adreno's GPU's that powered devices like the G2, 2 years ago, its MS for not supporting more hardware. But still its a problem and they need to stop being given a pass.

If this phone were launched 2 years ago and was the first WP7 device releases, it might have changed the game. Seriosly

I mean, being a Mac user, do you know how much shit I'd get from Windows fanboys if Apple was using Core 2 Duo's still in a world of i5's and i7's? Plenty.

I personally am in love with the hardware. The design is sexy. I want this phone to at least make it my daily driver for a bit while I take a break from Android however that doesnt mean Josh's claims are wrong, because their not, they are completely valid.

So with that said. What score would you give the Lumia 900?

Keep in mind that it has a last gen low pixel density display, old GPU and a software selection that, while not bad, pales in comparision to iOS and Android

If you say 10 out of 10, your a downright fanboy, no phone deserves a 10 out of 10 I've seen.