How are you wp7 users surviving on your 4/10 rated Ecosystem?

Firstly How do you define an Ecosystem?

For me it is a core set of services provided by the platform maker that makes your device to be a smartphone


For Google - The ecosystem would be Google Search, Maps, Turn by Turn Navigation Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Play, Google Wallet, Reader, Chrome, GTalk, Google Plus, Places and so on, all offered in a native cohesive package with the Operating System.

The apple Ecosystem of course includes iTunes, iCloud, Siri, AirPlay, iBooks, iMessage, iWork, Safari, Apple Mail, etc.

The Microsoft Ecosystem consists of Hotmail, 25gb Free Cloud storage with SkyDrive that syncs across Windows tablets/PC/Phone/Web, Office (mobile, web and desktop),Zune including unlimited music pass, xBox Live gaming, Messenger (threaded convos), Skype (not fully integrated yet) Exchange, Lync, Bing Search, Navigation, Bing Audio, Local Scout, Bing Vision, Tell Me Voice Control etc

Nokia improves upon this with their own Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive - Free Turn by Turn Navigation, Nokia Transit, ESPN Hub, Nokia TV, Nokia Reading, Music and more

Now the apps argument: For an Ecosystem to truly thrive it of course needs apps and Apple excels here followed by Google then Microsoft. I believe Blackberry is now 4th place.

So WP7 users how have you been faring? A lot of major apps are not in the wp7 market place. Have you been able to find decent replacements or 3rd party apps by indie devs that do the job? Rowi and 4th and Major are excellent examples of apps that outdo the Big names themselves.

How are the 3rd party app performance? To quote Josh
The most glaring issues also happen to be some of the oldest issues — things you think at this point would have been dealt with. Scrolling in third party apps, for instance, is still completely erratic. I would blame this on developers, but given that this platform has been around for nearly two years, I think that's a cop out. In new Twitter apps like Carbon, lists of messages will sometimes disappear or skip weirdly when scrolling. I first complained about this in version 1 of Windows Phone, and I thought it had been squashed — it has not

Is this entirely true? I don't use Carbon but rowi has been pretty smooth and dependable. Of course there are apps that aren't perfectly coded but those are usually rated lowly and disappear down the chain of polished apps. I even find the official twitter app to have pretty smooth list scrolling! Is this a widespread issue across wp7 apps to warrant a 4/10 score?

Anyways so WP7 users what are you missing? I am still waiting for a good readability app (though they recently tweeted a video preview so I know its coming)and I am sure there are several missing apps. But what is your Ecosystem score?

PS. I am ignoring Josh's 5/10 score for software since it is wp7.5 Mango that hasn't been changed with the Lumia 900 and really shouldn't have been reviewed with the Lumia esp since the Mango Refresh (Tango) is about to be pushed to all phones soon and Apollo is right around the corner.