Looking for help with enhancing a photo in PS. :)

Hi guys. Today I'm looking for some... help with enhancing a photo (yes yes, same thing as I said in the title :P). I took a photo yesterday and then worked on it in Photoshop CS6, adding levels and brightness/contrast masks to it. I like how it came out, but the end result still seems too flat where nothing really pops out (partially because I don't have a solid subject to begin with).

The original:


via i.imgur.com

The revised version:


via i.imgur.com

I'd be very happy and appreciative if you could provide some tips and suggestions for what I could have done with the original photo. I don't have a specific goal in mind though. Ideally, I would've liked to know a way to bring out the middle of the photo (basically the end of the tree-line). I'm only just getting into Photoshop right now and I'd like to learn the basics so that my photos will pop.

Thanks for the help! :)