Nissan has announced plans to release a mid-sized electric sedan under its Infiniti brand within the next two years. The automaker showed off the Infiniti LE Concept at the New York Auto Show, with representatives claiming that "85 percent" of the prototype's design will go into the production model. The vehicle would be based on the Nissan Leaf's EV platform, with a 24kWh lithium ion battery powering the same estimated range of 100 miles (161 kilometers). There's also a new twin-display infotainment system with an Intel Atom processor inside. Infiniti wants to be the first brand to ship with wireless charging capability, too, though it's unclear if the technology will be ready in the next couple of years. Nissan's Leaf is the top-selling electric vehicle worldwide, and the company's pledge to move into the mid-range market is likely to provide a serious mainstream option.