Project Glass, Google's planned augmented reality product, has been spotted in the wild on none other than Sergey Brin. Robert Scoble ran into Google's co-founder at the "San Francisco Dining in the Dark" charity event and snapped the above photo of Brin wearing the glasses, posting it to Twitter. He followed up with a few details, saying Brin wouldn't allow him to try the "very light looking" glasses on, but the glasses did appear to be self-contained. Brin told Scoble that it was a prototype device, but it was operational enough for Scoble to see "a bluish light flashing off his right eyeball."

Unfortunately, we don't have much more in the way of details. Although Brin was wearing a backpack, it apparently didn't appear that it was necessary to the functioning of the glasses.

Ironically enough, as Scoble notes, the charity event is to raise money to find a cure for blindness, and the attendees will be eating in the dark — we suppose that a prototype device needs to be testing in all lighting environments. Another photo of Brin wearing the glasses is at Scoble's Google+ post.

Update: We spoke with Sergey Brin after the event tonight, check out our mini-interview right here!