HP's new Pavilion dv6 and Pavilion dv7 laptops were spotted with Ivy Bridge processors over three weeks ago in an online leak, and now CNET reports that both laptops — as well as refreshes of a Pavilion dv4, a Pavilion g4, and a Pavilion g6 — will all arrive next week. Strangely, though, CNET cites an HP representative as saying that while the notebooks will ship with Intel's new Panther Point chipset, they won't include the companion Ivy Bridge processors on board, suggesting that maybe Intel's silicon won't be ready by the time they launch, but could be part of yet another refresh later on.

While that would obviously make it a terrible time to buy any of the machines if faster, cooler silicon is just around the corner, these are fairly inexpensive laptops all told: CNET says the 14-inch g4 and 15.6-inch g6 start at $499 and $529 respectively, while the higher end 14-inch dv4, 15.6-inch dv6, and 17.3-inch dv7 begin at $699, $749, and $849.