We managed to catch up with Sergey Brin tonight, following the charity event where he was spotted wearing Google's Project Glass augmented reality glasses. The Google co-founder told us that the glasses are still very much at the early prototype stage. While he said the company doesn't usually like to announce products so far in advance, Google had done so in this case in order to collect feedback on what people think of the concept, and how they would like to use the product itself — something which he said the company has already found "very useful." While a fully-functioning product was presented in Google's announcement video, the prototype glasses aren't quite there yet, with Brin commenting that "right now you really just see it reboot."

He declined to clarify whether the prototypes were self-powered, but did state that Google hopes that the final product will be able to connect to all kinds of different devices. The glasses will also need to undergo the usual RF radiation testing seen with wireless devices, an issue the Google co-founder cited as being of particular importance to him — presumably to assuage concerns about strapping what amounts to a smartphone to your head.

It has been recently reported that Google is hoping to bring Project Glass to market by the end of this year, but when asked about possible release dates, Brin simply replied, "Give us time."