Do you think Microsoft should adopt WebKit for Internet Explorer ? I am in favour of this.

I don't really know about the behind the scenes politics and who dictates what when it comes to the development of WebKit. But does MS really loose much if they dump the IE engine for WebKit ? I mean if Ms could pull of a more powerful, faster and better engine that makes it easier for developers than I would understand sticking with the IE engine. But time has now showed us this is not the case! Internet Explorer is not faster and gives devs headaches with its special requirements, such as requiring some ugly msie specific CSS and not being in-line with a lot of other "standards".

Ultimately IE is just not better and failed to be better in its attempt to do so. I think it's time Ms replace the heart.

Edit: Devs also hate it to a degree of iconic status and now purposefully implement little features here and there that IE will not support.