Why I actually like Windows Phone.

I often get a lot of hate for loving Windows Phone over Android and iOS, and I often get hustled with what Android can do so much more. I have to get into a huge argument which I often lose because others have never used the OS properly and make false claims which are hard to argue against. So can I end this once and for all by saying the OS you like is down to personal preference, there is real best OS for everyone. Mine is Windows Phone 7, and this is why...

The Speed

Windows Phone is fast, very fast, it doesn't need Android's quad core specs to be fast, no, single core 1GHz is enough. Apps load quickly and smoothly, the OS boots from cold in about 20 seconds and is ready to go straight away, no loading launchers or widgets.
Live tiles are also great, they save me having to open my twitter app (Currently Birdsong) to check for replies when I can simply see if I need to from my Me tile. I can quickly check the weather, get a few news headlines, and even see the artist (A picture of the artist, I should say) of the song I'm listening.
Windows Phone boasts it's 'In and Out' system, and it really does save time. I've found my self doing nothing on my phone in the morning because everything I usually do I've already done.
I can take a picture without unlocking the phone by holding down the camera shutter for a few seconds, even if it's pin locked.

The Design

Windows Phone is metro, a design that I love, it's so simple yet beautiful. It helps apps follow the same look and feel, making it easier for users to use it, rather than learning a new design for every app. It's nice to have the same design across Xbox and Windows 8 as well. The design is clean, and displays mountains of information without being cluttered and ugly. Long lists are divided by name which can easily be jumped too by touching the letter divider (or whatever it's called) and bringing up the alphabet to jump to a letter.

Natively Awesome

Windows Phone's built in apps are awesome, they simply work, and they cater to everyday tasks that would usually need another app to be installed. I can do a music search straight from Bing, and scan barcodes instantly (QR, Tag and UPC). I can find what's around me using Local Scout, and then pin it to my start screen for later. I can upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter straight from the camera, and have them automatically upload to SkyDrive so I have a spare just incase I lose them.
Zune does a great job at music, it's the best music player I've ever used on a phone, It's fast, looks great, I can search for the artist in the marketplace in a few taps, it'll even change the lock screen wallpaper to the artist's picture if it's available (Yes, this can be disabled if you don't want it).
The Pictures app brings together all my Facebook and SkyDrive albums, and has my friends pictures there to. I don't need any other apps because it's all just there.

And then there's apps

The marketplace is small, but it's the fastest growing one out there. Nevertheless, it's not great. But the apps that are in there 75% are useful, 25% are not, but I'm pretty sure this is similar on every other OS, especially on Android where it's store is open to all without any review process. The 75% that are useful are ones that utilize the OS the best it can, using Live Tiles, fast app switching and everything else. Windows Phone might not have all the big names, but it has some great indie developers, as well as an opportunity for developers to plug the gap where official apps may be missing, take BBC News Mobile for example, not official, but works better than the Android app.

Games are also great, with most of the big names being Xbox Live titles, offering some gamerscore on the go, and smaller indie games get their time to shine to, often in the featured slot of the Marketplace. Then they're all brought together in the Games Hub with a hello way from your avatar too (Always a nice addition).

What needs work

Nothings perfect, and Windows Phone is far from it. Windows Phone uses Internet Explorer, which I can cope with, but there aren't any non-IE based alternatives at the moment. Windows Phone also lacks any downloads that aren't PDFs. You can only stream MP3s, not download them, due to the way Windows Phone works and how access to storage is given.
Multitasking isn't great even, often I'm presented with a Resuming screen when switching back to some apps, as I came from webOS, this annoys me, but weirdly, only slightly, why it doesn't annoy me more, I don't know.


I like Windows Phone, it lets me do everything I need to do, and doesn't clutter me with things I don't need. Any manufacturer apps can be uninstalled completely, and it's simply ready to go quickly. Sure, there are things that need fixing, but I've become used to them and can cope. We lack some big name apps, but we have just as good alternatives. Everything in Windows Phone fits me, it won't work for everyone, but before you make your opinion, use Windows Phone as your main mobile for a week, with all your accounts linked, and then decide whether it's for you.

And remember, what OS you like is down to personal preference, show others what your phone can do, but don't attack theirs.