LTE connectivity was previously reserved for carriers' high-end phones, but as the network becomes more mainstream — Verizon now has LTE in 200 US markets — it's becoming a standard feature even on lower-tier devices. Take LG's latest smartphone, the Lucid: it’s a decidedly mid-range device, or at least is marketed like one. It costs $79.99 on contract, a price once reserved for flip phones and “messaging phones,” whatever that means.

It may be priced below Verizon’s flagship handsets, but its specs are still solid: it connects to Verizon’s awesome LTE network, and features a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4-inch display, and an eye-catching design. Is the Lucid a steal at $79.99, or is its quality as middle-of-the-pack as its cost? Read on to find out.