Ever since laptop buyers discovered the HP Envy 15's otherwise-gorgeous Radiance Display couldn't tell red from orange, or violet from blue, we've been taking a close look at every new laptop to make sure it doesn't display the issue. However, that doesn't mean older laptops are immune: owners of Sony's 15.5-inch VAIO SE are now reporting the exact same problem.

Over at the Notebook Review forum, quite a few VAIO fans say their screens don't produce accurate color, in precisely the same fashion as the Envy 15, and while the fine fellows at AnandTech say the 1080p IPS screen is excellent for the price, they admit that both a professional LCD analysis and a nine-year old girl can plainly see that the screen skews reds towards orange and violets towards blue. As with the Envy 15, the lack of high color gamut isn't necessarily a dealbreaker: the screen otherwise performs quite well, and it's actually quite decent compared to most laptop displays.

It's probably just the latest reminder that you get what you pay for, and that the word "IPS" alone isn't a uniform guarantee of quality.

Update: A Sony representative told us that the company doesn't have an official comment at this time.

Thanks, Thomas Huang!