Nokia's Times Square event in New York for the launch of the Lumia 900 has begun and the surprise musical guest is Nicki Minaj. It looks like there's quite a large crowd there, possibly bigger than Nokia's London event for the Lumia 800. You can see a live feed of the concert at EarthCam right now, but we can't vouch for the sound quality (at all). In any case, given that Nokia's marketing campaign is dubbed "Rolling Thunder," we suppose it's only fitting that "Super Bass" provides the soundtrack to this launch event.

Thanks Supernovae!

Update: Well, looks like it was a rather short set, the event is over. Our own Adi Robertson was at the event, and as she notes, these events are more about general awareness than immediate sales:

Update 2: Not to pile on, but as Greasy_Taco_Aficionado pointed out, the event wasn't quite enough to convince Minaj herself to give up her BlackBerry, which she (or her staff) used to sent out Tweets before and after her appearance. We're sure that little detail won't hurt sales or the event's effect, but it's not exactly the consistent message Nokia was hoping for.