Real MuthaFracking Talk

You know reading the Lumia 900 review and the responses on the forum, I'm reminded of a line from Jay Z, "What you eat don't make me shit.". I really have been shocked at the amount of just venom being slung about; people you can disagree with Josh about the number he gave the ecosystem but please try to be respectful. His like/dislike of the platform's progress doesn't diminish your choice. And if it does then maybe you need to reassess why you bought it. I am assuming all of you are old enough to take criticism or at least let this slide.

Here's the thing Windows Phone has and always will have to struggle; its not feature complete and it still has to fill out the app catalog. I agree with the review that Microsoft needs to move faster, but that doesn't make me want a Nokia phone less. Any platform without an I or an A on the front is a risk; all you can do is walk in with your eyes open