Hmmm... intertnational 900 over AT&T version?

So I got my AT&T Lumia 900 today. I really wanted to be blown away. I really did. I expected the world. But in the end, though it's certainly not BAD per se, I've been disappointed.

I'm talking, of course, about LTE.

I expected sites to loan nigh-instantly, given the better-than-home-cable-internet speeds. I expected apps to download nigh-instantly. But it's just... eh... I mean, it's certainly faster, but I'm unsure if it's faster ENOUGH to outweigh the surely reduced battery life that comes with it.

And then there's other minuses of an AT&T handset. The ugly off-center logos atop the display rather than the nice, centered "NOKIA". The inability to ever be sure if AT&T will allow that next software update. That's the biggie, of course.

So I'm wondering... is anyone else considering picking up an international 900 when it comes out and just dealing with AT&T 3G?