Annoying (OS X) Bug

Since most of my friends and I have iPhones, I've pretty much fully migrated to iMessages. So, like everyone else, I downloaded the beta app for OS X when it first came out. I have to say, it's buggy (but it's expected since it's a first version), but there's this annoying bug that's really been irking me.

Even when I read all my unread messages, the app still says that I have a certain amount of unread messages (right now it's 6). So when someone IMs me and I have an app open somewhere else, the dock app will say "1" (like it's supposed to) in the icon, but after I read it, it goes back to 6 "unread". Is there anyway to fix this? Should I try re-installing? I know it's a beta app and all, but it's been really annoying me as of late.