Sony is currently working to resolve audio issues that have plagued its PS3 Stereo Headset ever since version 4.10 of the console's firmware was released back in February. The system software update quietly added a new feature dubbed "sidetone" to the headset, allowing gamers to better hear their own voice during online multiplayer sessions. Almost immediately, users were complaining that sidetone was active and picking up ambient noise even in single-player campaigns and at other inopportune times. It's easy to understand how a bug like this could ruin any sense of immersion created by the $99 accessory, which has otherwise been well-received by gamers according to 400+ Amazon reviews.

At PlayStation Blog, Sony says it has heard user feedback loud and clear, pledging that an impending PS3 firmware update will "modify the performance" of the headset — presumably to keep things quiet during offline play. Sadly there's no timetable given as to when we can expect this software revision to arrive, but Sony says it will keep customers updated on progress via the blog.