Why does the New iPad have LTE??

If you're are living in the US. You have nothing to worry about.

But i want to leave a word about the LTE thing that is build in.

The iPad 3 uses LTE on the 700, 2100 MHz band. So where ever you are gonna buy an ipad in the world, it will have 700, 2100 MHz LTE.

Now i looked up the interwebz about that. LTE is not avalible in every country in the world yet. but.

unless you live in the USA or Nigeria (Yes they have LTE there) you cannot use LTE on your iPad. Like in australia for example. i think you read a thing or 2 about that.

And even in countries who do not have LTE its either 2,6Ghz or 1800Mhz band they are gonna use.

So my question is:

Why did Apple choose this?