How about adding a second "OS score" to phone reviews?

In the wake of the response to Josh's Nokia N900 review, I think there may be a way to make more people happy by adding a second score to phone reviews. It seems that just having a single overall score is not only polarizing, but it's probably a little antiquated. Phones are such an important and massive category, that entire blogs are not only devoted to covering just all the latest devices, but websites are devoted to covering a single manufacturer's device.

My question, request, and proposal is why not add a second score which can be used to choose the best phone among all iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone devices? So the Nokia may be a 7 overall, but a 8.4 for Windows Phones. The LG Lucid may be a 6.0 overall, but a 5 when OS is taken out of the equation.

I love the site and actually agree with Josh's review, but I think this may be an opportunity to do something which can add a cool feature to the site. Thoughts?