Cheap ICS Tablets

I know this sounds like a recipe for disaster to most of the readers here, but hear me out.

My mom has a laptop, but it's too big and bulky, doesn't have an integrated webcam, and the battery doesn't hold (any) charge. It's also extremely old and slow and generally way too cumbersome for her to use for anything more than emails and such.

Luckily, that's about all she does on her computer. But more importantly, my brother recently had two kids (about a year apart, actually) but he lives on the other side of the country. My mom likes to Skype with them, but her experience on her computer is less than favorable for the reasons I listed above.

I would really like to get her a simple, inexpensive Android tablet for Mother's Day. Not only would it be perfect for simple things like Skype, but she could use it to check emails, play some Angry Birds, browse the web on the couch comfortably, etc. Here are my basic requirements:

-Front Facing Camera

-Ice Cream Sandwich

-7"-10" (it doesn't really matter)

-Google Play access (not a big deal out of the box, assuming I can just install the Google Play APK)

-Being root-able would be nice (mostly to block ads)

-$200 or less

I'm not extremely picky about form factor but I would like something that's not butt ugly. It's also difficult to find tablets like this that don't have physical/capacitive buttons (despite running on-screen ICS buttons) but again, not a big deal.

So I've found a few. Coby makes one, but I'm reluctant to get her one with a dollar-store brand name stamped on it. Not to say anything I find elsewhere will be much better, but it's a hang-up I have.


I also just came across this one. So far it's my running favorite, as it tics all the boxes. The demo video also shows it having relatively good response and speed, and they even did a quick Skype demo--exactly what I'm looking for.

I was waiting for the enigmatic Play/Nexus tablet, and I'll probably still get one for myself eventually, but it doesn't sound like that one is going to come out before Mother's Day comes around. So does anyone have any other ideas or recommendations?