Twitter Mobile Site on IE9 Mobile

Following this week's vergecast, where Josh blamed IE9 mobile rendering engine for the issues with twitter mobile page, WMPoweruser is claiming the problem lies with twitter and not the IE9 engine.

I wouldnt say Josh is stupid, but i would say that he shouldn't comment on things he does not know about. he might know a lot about technology, but not much about web development.

Here is the deal, when the same link opens different looking pages on different devices, it is up to the developer to make sure their site works on all platforms, i will give you an example.WP Mango introduced HTML5 support, but the youtube mobile site still brought up the old mobile page, google was to blame, not MS. im not an expert, but i do know enough that somewhere in your css code you need to include different platforms. which is why you dont get directed to twitter mobile site on your pc, but do on your mobile.

Surur, senior editor of WMPower says:

"it did not always look that way. The rendering problems seems to have started about a month ago, and likely the style sheet is not being loaded properly."

and he goes on to say:

"Of course the reason the Windows Phone browser suffered this issue in the first place is its small market share, but it takes some-one pretty stupid to blame it on the actual quality of the rendering engine"

You Can read the full article on

Update 1: The post was edited by a moderator (Dieter Bohn) as he felt it would start flame wars etc. i do apologise and assure you that was not my attention, also wasnt aware of the rule against posting the full article.

Update 2: WMPoweruser now reports the reason behind the wonky looking twitter mobile page on IE9 mobile is : SEC7113: CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch.