Windows Phone in India - Sales rep are crap.

So I went in today to a Univercell store in Bangalore (India), and I was just checking out the Lumia 800, when this sales rep comes over and asks me what type of phone I'd want. I told him that I wanted a Windows Phone device, and had already made my choice (HTC Titan), but was just trying out the Lumia. Then with a 'Oh - My God Are You Crazy?!' - look he asks me why I'm going for WP7. I told him because Its fast and looks pretty amazing, and I'm not an App-crazy person. He still had the Disgusted look on his face - as if I'd just told him I'd kidnapped his mom - and suggested that I go for Android. I personally don't like Android very much, and I told him that, but he still kept on pushing to get an Android device. Why is Windows Phone ignored so much? Marketshare? Hell, if the sales rep are like this, how will WP ever get any marketshare?!