While few would argue that a monochrome E Ink display is suited to run a full version of Android, that hasn't stopped users from rooting their Nook Simple Touch e-readers to give them access to Google Play apps. To help make the Simple Touch a bit better suited for traditional Android builds, xda-developers forum member wheilitjohnny has given the e-reader multitouch capabilities. Combined with the Nook's already-improved screen refresh rate and a "No Refresh" app that removes the black flashes used to clear the E Ink screen, the mod turns the e-reader into a somewhat ridiculous, possibly useful $99 monochrome Android tablet. Gestures appear to be working well in Angry Birds and a PDF reader in the videos below, but a few early testers have mentioned that the screen has locked up a couple of times since installing the modification. If you're interested (and aware of the risks), you can add the feature to your rooted Nook Simple Touch by downloading the ZIP at the source link and flashing it with ClockworkMod recovery.