Josh, please write an "Office Web Apps" review.

I make this suggestion because for your work at The Verge you clearly use Google Docs and GMail and Google Contacts and I would like to know your opinion about another ecosystem.

I feel a lot of the people who have criticized your Lumia review used the excuse "You dont know enough about Windows Phone". I disagree you do know enough about Windows Phone, however it's 'in-the-box' features do not fit in well with your current way of getting work done.

I would challenge you (and some of your colleagues) to use Office Web Apps / SkyDrive / Office 2010 to collaborate on documents. I would love to read a review, if only to convince myself the Verge staff knows enough about Microsoft's product offerings to be able to compare it.

As you said on the VergeCast this week, office and skydrive integration is a big deal for Windows Phone. But you still find the phone "hard to recommend to people" and I was wondering if you would recommend the phone to someone you know is embedded in the Microsoft Ecosystem (unlike you who is more of a Google Ecosystem for work).

Please correct me if I am wrong about the statements I made about you. I am just writing down what I hear in the podcasts and am not trying to know what you know, just trying to paint a picture.