The Buttons Are Stuck (iPhone 4/4s Users)

I've never broken a phone before my iPhone 4. I'm not even talking about broken glass. I'm not talking about the phone being able to power on and off or the software functioning properly. I'm talking about the physical buttons on the iPhone. I had my first iPhone 4 for about 10 months before I had to bring it to the Apple store for the home button not working properly. It wouldn't register presses as easily as when I first bought it. Over a few weeks time it became a hassle to use.

I switched to a backup Incredible 2 that I was able to get a hold of. I used that unti I was able to drive the 60 miles to the nearest Apple store. I scheduled an appointment a day that I didn't have work and drove the hour to the Apple store. I was in a out in a matter of 20 minutes. The whole thing was pretty painless and they handed me a new iphone.

3 months later.

The lock button is now sticking...within a day the button is not functioning at all. I am now one month out of warranty on the phone. I switch back to my Incredible 2.

I'm now stuck with an iPhone that doesn't work and an Android device that is newer than the iPhone 4 is, but isn't what I want.

Unless this iPhone 5 blows me out of the water...I think I'm gonna be buying a Galaxy Nexus when my contract is up.

Anyone else have these problems?