I couldn't be more proud.


I just wanted to say, thanks.

The Microsoft crew has come out of the entire Lumia 900 debacle looking great. There's been our fair share of complaining, but I'm proud to say that we've represented ourselves well, Josh's comments notwithstanding. I'm glad to see the amount of support that everyone has put up. I don't know where everyone else has come from, but I'm glad to see so much support for the Microsoft community in the face of such adversity.

Microsoft puts out a lot of great products. Just saying, I'm glad to finally see some support for them. At this rate, we'll pass up the android and apple forums for new post soon. This is one of my few contributions. I know all of you will do what you can as well. We're a robust community, and I don't think we should let the other fanboys forget that.

+1, Microsoft community. +1.