You Guys Give Me Hope

Let me be honest for a second. As much as I enjoy spending time with my friends now, I used to be a very pessimistic kid. This was back in elementary school when I basically just sat around and watched TV all day and got frustrated over the smallest things (i.e. the remote's button layout). Then I discovered Engadget (along with the hilarious Joshua Topolsky) and I found a community of people that are generally interested in technology. I used to always smile when I saw Topolsky get excited about a product and go on one of his famous Engadget Podcast rants. I know that a lot of you have come from the Engadget days here to TheVerge, so I figured it'd be appropriate to thank the Verge team and the community for setting me straight. I honestly owe you guys the world.

How has The Verge (Engadget) shaped your life?