What if you were stuck with a $25,000 professional-grade digital camera back but didn't have the rest of the camera to go with it? Photographer Mike Martens experimented with that idea a few years back and came up with the "Holga-cam of the Apocalypse" — a DIY mashup of a Phase One P25 camera back, a $25 Holga 120N camera, and some gaffer tape. The cheap, plastic-lensed Holga is connected via a cord from its hot shoe mount to the camera back, and when the shutter button is depressed a signal is sent to tell the sensor to wake up and receive an image. Martens claims the camera is "very stable," and he says the top of the Holga serves as a sufficient left grip. We'll just have to take his word for it, but take a look at both source links below for a few more shots of the camera and some examples of the images it produces with that combination of a fine sensor and a sub-par lens.