Outside of Droid RAZR Maxx users, most of us are left wanting a bit in terms of smartphone battery life — to that end, Panasonic is releasing a new series of mobile USB power supplies, one of which the company claims can fully recharge the average smartphone four times. All in all, Panasonic is releasing eight new devices altogether to fit a variety of size, weight, and price points — the high-end QE-QL301 model contains a minimum capacity of 10,260 mAh (more than four times what you'll see in your average smartphone). It also contains two USB ports for powering multiple devices. Additionally, Panasonic is planning to release three models that support the Qi wireless charging standard as well as the standard USB or AC adapter charging options.

Other details on these new chargers are minimal, though there are details on capacities: the three wireless chargers will have capacities of 2,700, 5,400, or 8,100 mAh. Panasonic's also offering a small, discharge-only model with a 1,900 mAh capacity that looks like its shaped like a pen — there's no other details on this model, but it seems likely that it doesn't charge your phoned but instead lets your phone extend its life by using power from Panasonic's unit. Lastly, there's the four standard models that offer USB and AC charging with four different battery capacities: 1,430, 2,700, 5,400, and the aforementioned 10,260 mAh option. Unfortunately, there's no pricing info available, but these chargers will be available in Japan on May 28th.