These Kickstarter games... who's going to buy them?

I missed funding the DoubleFine adventure, but recently funded the Wasteland 2 kickstarter project because I'd love to play it. I felt totally justified because I would likely buy the game when it was released anyway.

This made me wonder: Who will be left to buy these games and does it matter?

I don't know if either developers business model relies on them selling more copies after releasing these games, but I am doubtful they will sell many more. Here's what I mean: At the lowest funding level, you receive a free copy of the game. If you fund higher (as I'd expect the more "enthusiastic" fans would do) you are given multiple (giftable) copies of the game. The same fanatics that would likely be trying to convince their friends to play Wasteland 2 will instead have free copies to just give to them.

Who will be left to buy the games and do they even need to sell more? Just curious what you guys think.