Did Google commit a strategic blunder by not getting Nokia on board?

As things currently stand iOS and Android are the two leading ecosysytems but WP is likely to become the third major player in mobile industry in coming months if it hasn't already. With next major version of WP along with Windows 8 due in latter half of the year , we can expect WP to grow at a much faster rate thanks to people's awareness of Metro, improved ecosystem, Nokia's hardware designs, Pureview goodness etc. Just like you see people going for ipads and other apple products naturally coming from iphone, I expect the same to happen once Windows 8 hits the desktops and tablets.

Windows Phone will grow. It has the ecosystem. It will get apps thanks to W8. It has the hardware thanks to Nokia. WP will win marketshare at the expense of android more than iOS due to obvious reasons. Now when you think about it, Google had the perfect opportunity to essentially kill WP if they had just gotten Nokia on Android bandwagon. It might have cost them some money in the short run, Nokia might have insisted on using their own mapping, navigation and music etc. services but in the long term it would have really helped Google sustain its leadership in mobile space. Nokia is the reason WP has a chance to compete. Google could easily have stopped that from happening by getting Nokia to choose android instead of WP and ensure that iOS and Android are the two leading operating systems for years to come. Just like Mac and Windows in the desktop space.