What is your preferred WP form factor?


via www.neowin.net

Anyone remember hearing about this? Windows Phone 8 opening up a whole range of form factors? Some of these may just be examples of fluidity, however the idea is the same, Windows Phone 8 will offer variety in screen size and design. So far with Windows Phone 7/7.5 we've seen pretty much the same candybar style of device. If you had the choice of any (reasonable and implementable) form factor, what would your preferred device be?

--I want a device with at least 480x800 resolution (larger resolutions are nice, but there's only so much you can actually USE those higher resolution screens and you still have to power them) screen size approximately 4in.

--a side-sliding qwerty keyboard (hopefully with an OS that will be able to rotate with it 100%)

--Physical back/start/search buttons (I fracking HATE capacitive buttons). And I actually like send/end keys (the end key can double as the power button, and holding the send can do something else ie: run an app, auto call a number, etc).