Google wasn't shy about declaring its opposition to SOPA and PIPA, and now it seems the company wants to keep the discussion moving forward on the future of the internet by engaging with those people who use it every day. Google's "Take Action" site went live in January as a way to draw attention to the SOPA blackout day, but it has just been updated with new content in which the company asks users to help build "a conversation around the future of the internet." To start that conversation off, Google is asking visitors to complete the sentence: "the internet is the power to..." and use the hashtag #OurWeb to share their stories.

Democratically, Google is providing quick links to Facebook and Twitter as well as Google+ so that users can easily post to their social networks of choice. Google has also put together an infographic on the history of the web that tries to put into perspective the internet's value to the world over the years — perhaps as a way of showing all the good that a free internet has done over the past decades. It seems like Google's both continuing to try and get people to love Google as well as start some grassroots lobbying over the future of the internet.

Thanks Jman1616!