Isn't everyone just falling prey to marketing.. again?

I'm talking about the hype around the Nokia n900, and how it's manufactured. Firstly, I'm not trying to diss the phone or Windows Phone. I think the hardware looks awesome and I actually prefer WP7 to android. (Though I understand why people might prefer android)

But n900 is nothing but any other windows phone in a prettier shell. Everyone seems to be going crazy over the design, and though it is impressive, its not a league ahead of iPhone 4/ 4S or even the HTC One X.

It's just the best looking windows phone device. It's not the best looking device period. It has some tough competition there.

It's specs are nothing to write home about. Everything from it's low res screen to single core processor and 720p video is last year.

Windows Phone itself is no better than it was last year. So why all this frenzy? why 2400+ comments hating on it's mediocre review?

Have people suddenly started loving Windows Phone? Why didn't you love the devices that came out last year then. Sure they weren't in as good a shell, but they looked OK, and were comparable in every other way.

Is the shell some what revolutionary? I don't see how. Sure it's good, and even it is better than any other device in the market, it's not by much. It's not bringing anything new to the market. Polycarbonate, done before by HTC/Apple.

Curved screen done before. It's not the thinnest device. And the design itself is a lot like iPod minis or yesteryear if you think about. Even down to the colours.

So really stop falling prey to marketing.

If you LOOVE windows phone, why is the TITAN 2 not getting any attention which actually has a better camera.

And if you just love the design, how can you overlook everything else? And isn't that liking other 'designer' phones.

And if you think the specs are awesome. What the hell are you smoking.

Points of Note. - I like windows phone. I think its smooth on any hardware. And I don't believe specs are that important. I also greatly value good design. (I'm a part time designer, and I'm still in college). But I believe the hype around n900 is all too manufactured.

What's so interesting? the same thing happened with the original droid. The phone was an incremental improvement for android. Marketing convinced everyone, that it was revolutionary. Half the reasons used to sell the phone are no longer true for most Android Phones. Hardware Keyboard? SD Expansion? what the hell happened to all that?? That's proof enough that people didn't really want those things. They just got sucked in by the huge marketing push.