Lumia 800 user, considering HTC One X or Galaxy Nexus

As most of these stories go, I was a long term iPhone user who got bored with my iPhone 4. I thought Windows Phone showed a lot of promise and the Lumia looked incredible, so I jumped ship and have had the Lumia since launch. Whilst I do love it, it isn't full baked. I tend to get bored of my phones quite quickly, and I think Android has matured a lot recently- this time last year I wouldn't of considered it. So I'm considering flipping both my iPhone 4 which is still laying around and my Lumia and going Android, but I'm not 100% which device.

Weighing up the differences between the One X and the Nexus, I feel that the One X has better design, camera and screen, but the Nexus is a lot cheaper and doesn't have Sense. Is there more to it than this? I feel like I'm leaning towards the Nexus to try and save some cash, but the camera is holding me back- is it really that bad? Also, as I'm a complete Android n00b, how much of Sense can you strip away? Is this rooting your phone? Or, shall I just stick it out with my Lumia and see what Apollo brings? More importantly, what would you spend your hard earned cash on- Lumia, Nexus or One X?

Thanks guys!