New to iPhone 4s (Recommend Apps Please)

Hey everyone,

I just got my new white 16GB iPhone 4s today, and I'm looking for recommendations as to what apps would be good to get. I'll give you an idea of what my hobbies things are like, and I hope to get some good tips from all of you. Truth be told, I'd prefer to own an up-to-date Windows Phone. I really like the integration and the Metro design language really appeals to me, but Verizon's been a bit sluggish on this front.


I play guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard.

I record music with Pro Tools on my PC.

I play Halo Reach.

I use Hulu Plus on a daily basis (which I've already downloaded).

I read books via Kindle (which I downloaded the official Kindle app).

I also dabble in photo editing and manipulation with Photoshop in my spare time.


I'm the General Manager for a small service company.

I use Word and Excel daily.

I have a DropBox account and a SkyDrive account.

I haven't found which note taking app I like the best (so far it is between Evernote and OneNote).

Social Media:

I'm on Facebook, but I only really care to log on every once in awhile from my PC.

I'm on Twitter and so far am using the Twitter app that comes pre-installed.

That's a little bit about my lifestyle. I'm really looking to get the most out of the camera on the 4s, and it'd be nice to have a cool game to play in my spare time that isn't one of the simple, addictive games like Angry Birds. Something with some sort of story would be nice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you're giving me any recommendations then a special thank you to you.