Continuing a nationwide tour that has already made premieres at South By Southwest and the Game Developers Conference, the creators of the Sundance award-winning Indie Game: The Movie will be bringing their voyeuristic documentary on the lives and struggles of independent video game developers to New York City next month.

The story of Indie Game may be a familiar one, but it still manages to hit fairly close to home. Following the exploits of esteemed creators Jonathan Blow (Braid) Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy) and Phil Fish (Fez), the film tirelessly tracks its subjects through unflattering but ultimately inspiring struggles, laying bare the consistently misunderstood and deeply personal process of indie game development.

Filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky will be in attendance at both screenings, which will play back-to-back on May 17th at the IFC Center in Manhattan. The event will likely sell out if past showings are any indication, so make sure to reserve your tickets fast if you plan on catching the film during either timeslot.