Lumia is nice... But why isn't the Titan2 getting any respect?

Went to an At&t store today (since 90% of them were closed yesterday. -_- Good Job At&t) And the Lumia 900 is drop dead gorgeous. The material feels so good in hand though I wish the screen was a bit more recessed. 

Sitting right next to it though was the Titan 2. And it's beautiful. I honestly think all the hype over the Lumia has distracted a lot from a really well built device in the Titan 2. From the build materials to the design in the back all the way to that lip on the bottom where the buttons are that curves up (though my thumb bumping into that extra bezel at the bottom would get annoying after a while... should have been less bezel down there)

I'd honestly pick up the Titan over the Lumia if I was on At&t. Not sure how good the 16mp camera is... because I haven't seen a REVIEW **Cough**the verge**cough**.

What are your thoughts?