Segregated Reviews

Would it be of more use for people reading the review to have the software/ecosystem rating separated from the device? Perhaps a score for specific comments about how the software integrates with the device and a link to the review of the software/ecosystem/platform/skin or whatever.

This way the Lumia 900 review could be about the Lumia and not about Windows Phone. Laptop reviews would mention drivers (integration) and link to a review of the OS. Android device reviews would mention any ways the software specifically works with the hardware, but the reviewer wouldn't be passing judgement on custom skins... except in specific reviews of the skins...

Am I insane? Do devices = platform as well as vice versa? Isn't the value of a platform highly dependent on the user and how much content/muscle memory/etc. they have invested in it already, making that value very difficult to pin objectively on a specific device?