Why isn't anyone holding companies/developers accountable?

Everyone seems to want to blame Microsoft and call WP7 a failure for not having enough apps, but they all seem to be missing the fact that Microsoft is completely aware of the vicious won't buy without apps...won't develop without customers loop, which is a complete joke, for the record. They're bending over backwards and even paying developers to port their apps so why are they continuing to be snubbed? At what point do you point the finger at a company for simply being too lazy or apathetic. It's one thing if you're making a for-profit app like a game or something, but if you look at that list Chris's list, how many of them were sort of "companion" (for lack of a better word) apps for companies. Banks, airlines, restaurents, etc. What do they have to gain by not supporting every available platform? If Chris is concerned that United doesn't have an app for WP why doesn't he complain to United about it? Yes, there aren't as many of us iOS or Android users but they should still be accountable to their customers. Imagine I (in my dreams) was a 1K/Global Services member and I walked up to a check in desk and told them I was upset that I couldn't use my phone as a boarding pass. That would probably catch their attention. And then if I casually mentioned that Delta and American both have apps available then they are going to start sweating, because they know it's probably not worth switching airlines over an app, but they also know they have caught the ire of a valuable frequent flyer who isn't happy that the guy sitting in coach with an iPhone gets a perk he doesn't, especially if it's something another airline is able to provide.

So how about instead of ragging on Microsoft's "ecosystem", because their "ecosystem" is not 3rd party apps, it's Xbox/Zune/Office/SkyDrive/Etc, we start demanding that the platform be supported by these companies. Email customer support, tweet at them, do seomthing, just don't sit around and complain to the wrong people if you want to see the OS succeed.