Star Trek: The Next Generation is boldly going where many a program has gone before: on July 24th, the remastered Blu-ray version of Season One will go on sale, to the delight of many a sci-fi aficionado. If you'll recall, CBS previously gave us a taste of remastered Trek with three episodes (including the pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint") back in January of this year, but this time you're looking at the full 26-episode season on six discs, at 1080p, with 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound, all the original episode trailers, the bonus features from the DVD release, and gag reels.

There are also some behind-the-scenes interviews with Michael and Denise Okuda, who both consulted on the remaster process (which involved redigitizing the original 35mm negatives and adding effects) and are famous in their own right for their work on the set designs (LCARS, anyone?) and lasting technical continuity of the series. In short, the Blu-ray release is more or less a Trekkie dream come true, and we know a few people who'll probably be picking up a set assuming the price isn't, ahem, out of this world. Might we recommend some background audio while you wait for July 24th to roll around?