What really drains your batteries?

I keep hearing that widgets and decent multitasking are a massive pain in the CPU. Android has less battery life than iphone because I have the weather and two dozen analog clocks on my homescreen? Because google talk is stored on RAM instead of flash storage so it opens really fast, I have to charge my phone when I sleep? Is this really it?

I have a galaxy nexus and I usually get between 12 and 18 hours on battery. Every time I check my battery usage graphs I usually see that my battery was all used by the screen


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This is my battery use from today. I keep my brightness a little high (100%) and I played angry birds for much longer than I would care to admit. I spent most of the morning on facebook, twitter and google reader. I don't think I'm that abnormal in the way I use my phone. I did some emailing, some texting, some reading, nothign spectacular.

I would propose that the reason android phones get such rough battery life might have something to do with the montrous display on the front and the beastly (LTE for some HSPA+ for me) radio inside and a little less to do with the fact that my twitter feed is already loaded when I open the app.

Anyone else?